A Taste of Malaysia

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It is often a dish that comes from the Malay, the biggestethnic group in Malaysia.Chinese Fried Rice and Noodles have been crossed with Indian and Malay tastes there by Malay fried rice, fried noodles and Indian fried rice, fried noodleswere born.  .


 You could alsoorder thick noodles fried with black sauce and pork lard called 'hokkien mee'.Malaysian cuisine is proof to me that the food of a nation can really representthe diversity of the company's people. Eating different foods looking localspecialties in several countries is an all-embracing experience. Accompanyingyour dish, you might have beef soup which is sometimes called 'sup lembu'; ormutton soup which is called 'sup kambing' - two popular Malay soups.


 It's quite simpleto get the hang of really, even for a left-hander, particularly if you considerhow many forks are widely-used to eat the wrong courses in Englanddaily!. As with many Asian countries, one in the most important rules could bethe use from the right hand to nibble on. Chicken rice is also extremelypopular in Malaysia.For a standard meal, you might want to have rice served on the banana leaf,accompanied by a number of spicy hot dishes like mutton, chicken, fish, squidand crabs.


 When rice isserved hot on the banana leaf, it gives you a unique fragrance on the rice. Atypical Chinese meal may be found easily in many restaurants and hawker stallsin Malaysia. For dessert, get one of these bread-like puff with sugar, corn, and coarsely chopped nuts within the middle called 'apam balik'. For it's availability and popularity, it can be claimed to get the second National Dish of Malaysia.


Nasi Dagang - Claimed by the people within the East CoastPeninsular Malaysia because East Coast Nasi Lemak. Breakfast may be the firstand most important meal in the day. The country of Malaysiaproduces a fantastic Asian experience. Malaysian cuisine is proof for me thatthis food of your nation really can represent the diversity of the company'speople.   

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